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New York City

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are seen every day on the news. Living in New York City makes anyone a target for being injured through the negligent driving of others. Commonly these accidents occur at intersections due to distracted drivers who fail to yield the right of way, who are speeding, who failed to yield to a red light or stop sign or who are aggressively weaving in and out of traffic until its too late. Pedestrians commonly suffer severe injuries ranging from broken bones and traumatic brain injury, to paralyzing spinal cord injuries and permanent disability.

It is extremely important to know your rights, as the insurance laws in New York, insuring you or the driver who has hit you, can be complicated. Before giving a oral or written statement to any insurance adjuster, you should contact an attorney to represent your rights and what to expect. The Law Office of Natascia Ayers has successfully handled numerous pedestrian accident cases.

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