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We rely on the skill and judgment of the doctors we use to provide us good medical care.  We are dependent upon these doctors for good advice and skills in providing treatment.  Unfortunately, often times patients are injured by doctors and medical personnel because they did not use good judgment, did not listen to or ignored the severity of your complaints, were not properly skilled in the field, or allowed residents in training to make decisions about your care without making an independent evaluation themselves.  

What to do if you have been injured by a doctor or medical staff

If you have been injured at the hands of a doctor or medical staff, it is important that you not only know your rights, but have the appropriate expert backing your case.  The Law Office of Natascia Ayers has represented many medical malpractice victims and is fully familiar with this complex legal field.  The Medical Malpractice field of law is a relatively small group of lawyers who are versed not only in the law, but the medicine, and are surrounded by a team of medical experts. Experience and the ability to obtain competent leading medical experts is a must in this field.  

Medical malpractice case results by NA Law

The Law Office of Natascia Ayers has won tens of millions on behalf of her clients.  For example, Ms. Ayers recently represented a small infant who was tragically paralyzed when a hospital and medical provider refused to timely and properly evaluate the infant's condition in the hospital after repeatedly hearing his parents concerns that something was not right and the infant was in terrible pain and inconsolable. The infant was released from the emergency room, when he in fact, needed emergent care because he was suffering from a MRSA  infection he developed from a scratch and eventually went to his spine. Although this tragic malpractice and injury could have been avoided, and nothing will fix this boy's paraplegia, Ms. Ayers was able to secure an enormous confidential settlement which will ensure that this infant wants for nothing, financially, in life.

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