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In personal injury cases arising from motor vehicle accidents, you will need to establish the negligence of a  driver. This means that you will need to show that a driver involved in the accident contributed, in some part, in causing the accident, causing you injuries.  Many drivers behave carelessly behind the wheel, such as by texting while driving, driving while intoxicated, speeding excessively, or failing to yield at intersections. Bad drivers will often make-up excuses for causing an accident.  Did you know that most, even old, motor vehicles are equipped with electronic control modules which can provide valuable information regarding the actions of a driver behind the wheel? 

Car Accident Case Result of NA Law

The Law Office of Natascia Ayers uses highly experienced engineers and accident reconstruction experts to investigate each claim, including downloading the data from a vehicles electronic unit if warranted.  For example, Ms. Ayers successfully proved and obtained an extraordinary settlement for a woman who was rear-ended by a box truck causing her devastating spinal injuries.  While the truck's driver and the owner of the truck offered a litany of excuses for this accident, Ms. Ayers was able to prove that the truck's brakes were faulty by obtaining and reviewing the electronic data from the truck's control module.  Thus, in addition to obtaining money from the driver's insurance, Ms. Ayers was able to obtain a huge recovery from the insurance for the company who owned the truck.  

​About New York's "No Fault" Law for Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is equally important for victims of senseless and tragic motor vehicle accidents to understand that New York's "No Fault" laws generally govern any bodily injury claims and restrict recovery.  The "No Fault" laws relate only to motor vehicle accidents and require that an injured plaintiff prove a serious and permanent injury before obtaining a recovery for personal injuries such as pain and suffering in a law suit against a bad driver.  It is important to understand what is considered a permanent and serious injury under these complex law sand to obtain the right legal representation to guide you through the process, including investigating the accident and ensuring that qualified medical experts support your case.   

What to do if injured in an Auto Accident

You should know your rights and be protected throughout the process and obtain representation before speaking with any insurance adjuster.  The Law Office of Natascia Ayers is here to guide your through the entire process expeditiously so that you can obtain just compensation for all of your losses, including pain and suffering for any change in lifestyle caused by your injuries.  Ms. Ayers' team has won hundreds of millions in compensation on behalf of her clients because she surrounds herself with the best experts, including medical, accident reconstruction, and engineering, to ensure that each client is handled like family. 

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