Barbara Hutter, Esq.

Investigator, Litigator & Advocate

Barbara Hutter is a tenacious, thorough, sharp and caring attorney who strives to develop the strongest case and achieve the best outcome possible for a client.

While working on a client’s case, Ms. Hutter is driven by a desire to positively impact a client’s life, knowing the difficulties the client has faced and will continue to face from the traumatic event in which they have been involved.  

Ms. Hutter is a skilled and experienced investigator, litigator and advocate who uses those skills while working on your case.  Ms. Hutter developed and honed those talents during her 18-year career as a prosecutor with the acclaimed Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in the Trial and Appellate Divisions.  There, she handled and investigated over 900 cases, including the most serious, violent felonies of murder, robbery, burglary and assault. During her tenure, Ms. Hutter examined hundreds of witnesses, argued countless legal issues and tried many cases to verdict.  

Throughout her career, Ms. Hutter zealously advocates a position and uses her strong analytical and legal expertise when advancing arguments, whether in an oral or written form. 

Ms. Hutter received her law degree from Brooklyn Law School, where she was an Assistant Managing Editor for the Journal of Law and Policy, and her undergraduate degree from New York University, where she graduated with honors.  Ms. Hutter is admitted to practice law in New York State and in the Southern District of New York.


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